Nashville Doula Team

Personal Connection, Professional Care: The Heart of Nashville Doula Services

Nashville Doula Services is the rejuvenated agency created by Merrill Durham and Whitney Cantrell, along with our team of doulas. We are excited about our new direction because it is simple and more effective.

The two of us operated our own successful doula practices for several years before bonding around a shared vision: a team approach (as opposed to the pressure of being a solo doula) and the professionalism of an actual business (rather than a hobby). Our first attempt at such a model was a wonderful experience, but we quickly learned that we needed to shift our direction and focus primarily on birth and postpartum doula care. And perform those services really well. Nashville Doula Services is a fresh start with the same goals: compassionate doula support, the security of a team-centered agency model, and a promise of professionalism. 

Nashville Doulas Team

We are wholeheartedly committed to your vision and your values. We strive for the delicate balance between the intimacy necessary for a person who will support you during your birth, and the professionalism needed to ensure your care is excellent and holistic.

“We are wholeheartedly committed to your vision and your values.”

Simply put, we are about: Personal Connection, Professional Care 

Personal Connection
Nashville Doula Services is successful because of the sincere connection we develop with each of our clients.  We allow our doulas to support you with attention and compassion by alleviating the burden of managing a solo business. They can now focus on you 100%. Our doulas will walk closely with you throughout your pregnancy and will be able to provide the type of support you desire. We would be honored to welcome you into the Nashville Doula Services family!

Professional Care
Doula care is not only our passion but also our livelihood. We take pride in the professionalism of each of our doulas and the efficiency of our agency model. All of our doulas are trained and then hand-picked for your family.  Our unique partnership model means you automatically receive two doulas to work with you throughout your pregnancy. This team ensures that you will never have a stranger as a back-up in the event you need one and you will always have a doula who can fully support you regardless of the length of your labor. Because of our commitment to excellent care, you are guaranteed to know the doula at your birth and you will leave feeling confident in your birth support team and the relationship you have built.

Please check out our new website to review our services and meet our doulas. If you have any questions about what makes us different, or if you would like to set up a complimentary consultation that will help us customize a care plan that best suits your family’s needs, contact us today!

Team of Doulas

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