Invest in Your Birth: Breastfeeding

As we discussed in our previous post, investing in your birth can be beneficial for so many reasons. We believe that hiring a professional doula is the best way to invest in your birth and insure a positive experience. Treating your body and health to prenatal fitness is another great way to invest in your pregnancy and birth experience. In this post we are talking about investing in breastfeeding education during pregnancy as well as postpartum breastfeeding support, if it is needed.

There are three main reasons breastfeeding education is so important:

1. Help you set reasonable goals for yourself

For some women breastfeeding goes perfectly and smoothly with no hiccups. However, for many mothers, breastfeeding can have its ups and downs. This is not meant to discourage you, but to give you a real idea of how your breastfeeding journey might go. During your prenatal breastfeeding classes you will learn about some common issues that can come up while nursing your baby. If you are knowledgeable about this then you will be able to identify the issue early enough to correct it and continue on with success.

2. Practice a variety of holds and positions

When your baby is first born you are immediately in love. Those first skin to skin snuggles are so important in establishing your bond with your baby. In the first postpartum hour it is important to begin breastfeeding. Many first time moms may wonder what the best way to hold your baby is while nursing and what position should you and your baby be in. If you invest in a comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding class you will have already see these holds and positions demonstrated and may even be able to practice with a baby doll. Knowing your favorite and most comfortable nursing position will help you to begin your breastfeeding relationship with confidence!

3. Instruction on a proper latch

After you have practiced the best holds and positions to breastfeed in, you will learn about latching your baby. A proper latch is paramount to having a successful breastfeeding relationship. When you are able to achieve a good latch then your baby is able to effectively draw milk from the breast and you will avoid the dreaded sore nipples. You will learn all about latching your baby during your breastfeeding education class. If you begin breastfeeding your baby and notice any issues with their latch you will be able to correct it or seek further help.

Ashley Glenn and Leslie Severns of Bosom Buddy LLC are an amazing resource for Nashville moms. We asked them to give a little insight on the prenatal breastfeeding classes they teach at Bosom Buddy:
“Prenatal lactation education can be key to help parents meet their breastfeeding goals. It establishes realistic expectations, demonstrates holds/positions, and provides instruction on how to achieve a deep and proper latch. Parents and mothers complete the class feeling prepared and confident to successfully breastfeed their baby and know who to call when assistance is needed postpartum.”
Check out their website to learn more!

Breastfeeding your baby is beneficial in so many ways. It is a beautiful bond of nourishment and comfort. Investing in prenatal breastfeeding education will empower you to feel comfortable and confident in you and your baby’s breastfeeding relationship.

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