Baby registry

Tips for a Practical Yet Modern Baby Registry for the First-Time Mom

As a mother, doula, and friend of other moms, I’ve seen many baby registries over the years. The short and sweet registry, the long registry (I’m talking printing 30 pages at the target kiosk), the one-store registry, the five-store registry. The list goes on. As a self-proclaimed registry expert, I’ve come to the conclusion that baby registries are not “one size fits all.”

Baby registry

As a first time mom, you may be wondering, “Where do I start?” Start with where you want to register. Big box stores like Target and Babies R Us are a great one stop shop for all things baby. However, you may want a smaller baby boutique option, such as The Plaid Rabbit or Helen’s Children’s Shop. If you’re an online shopper like me, check out,, or These are great options because you can pull from multiple sites and have everything on one list.

Waiting to find out the sex of the baby? Check out Each item comes in pink and blue. After your birth, you confirm the sex, and they send you the items in the correlating color.

Now that you’ve decided where to register, what do you register for? In all honesty, babies don’t need much. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.
Eat: however you want to feed your baby, you may register for a nursing pillow, a good nursing bra, a breast pump (many insurance companies will provide this for free), or bottles.
Sleep: wherever you want your baby to sleep, you might want crib bedding, a bassinet, a sidecar co-sleeper, and a few swaddlers.
Poop: wherever you want your baby to do their business, you might register for a couple sizes of diapers, cloth diapers, wipes, or reusable wipes. I like these disposable diapers.

Other practical items to register for include onesies, pajamas (I like the kind that zip… Buttons are no fun in the middle of the night), and maybe some receiving blankets. Once you have registered for the practical items, then have some fun! If you love going on walks, add a sturdy stroller or stylish baby carrier. If you have a nursery theme in mind, add some decor that matches your theme. If you are a planner, you may add some items for the future like a high chair or toddler sized dishware. If you love to pamper, add some yummy smelling baby shampoo and lotion.

Here are the top ten practical and fun gifts Nashville Doulas suggests for pregnant moms of any season:
1. Nursing pillow
2. Swaddle blanket
3. Receiving blankets (great for diy reusable wipes)
4. Onesies (we love these)
5. Baby carrier
6. Stroller
7. Pod high chair
8. Safe bath products
9. Bedding and decor
10. Comforting infant seat

All in all, a baby registry is a great way to show your loved ones what you need and want for your new bundle of joy. Whether your cousin sends that special blanket to your front door or your aunt brings that adorable Tula carrier to your baby shower, you will feel loved knowing they picked each item from the registry you carefully put together in anticipation of your baby’s grand entrance into the world. Every Time you swaddle your baby or put them in a clean new onesie you will be reminded of the family member or friend that took the time to get that gift for you. So remember to register for those practical and functional items, but also don’t forget to have fun! You deserve it during this most special season of your life.

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