Creating a Newborn Care Plan

When you sit down to create a birth plan or write out your birth goals, you need to include a postpartum plan for you and your baby. After your baby is born whether you had a natural birth, used pain medication, or had a C section, you have some choices to make about how you and your baby are cared for in those first few postpartum moments and days.

Consider questions such as: Will you bring your own hat and blankets for your baby? Who will cut your baby’s cord? Will you keep your placenta? When will visitors come to see you and your new baby? Every mother’s answer to these questions will be different.

You will also be given the option to accept or decline several different newborn procedures. It is important to research these procedures during your pregnancy to make the most informed decision for you and your growing family. These procedures include:

  1. Vitamin K
  2. Eye ointment
  3. Hepatitis B vaccine
  4. Baby’s first bath
  5. Circumcision (for boys)

Discussing each of these with your child’s pediatrician may give you a better idea of the risks and benefits. Besides having a conversation with your doctor and other trusted mothers, you may wish to do your own research. Websites such as Evidence Based Birth can be a great starting point to read about each of these topics.

Knowledge is power. We want you to be able to feel informed and equipped with the tools to make these decisions for you and your newborn. Use our quick and easy Newborn Postpartum Plan Worksheet to help you get on your way to a smooth transition into parenthood!

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