New Midwifery Option in Nashville

We are excited to share with our clients and readers a two-part blog post revealing some exciting new options for birth in Nashville!

This week we were honored to sit down with Dr. Sharon Norman and Certified Nurse Midwife, Kayleigh Holthaus of WOMEN Obstetrics and Gynecology to learn about some exciting changes within their practice that we know so many of our clients and birthing families in Nashville are going to want to hear about! (We were also able to chat with Dr. Donna Crowe for about 5 minutes before she had to dart off to labor and delivery!)

Two years ago, this group of all-female physicians added two Nurse Practitioners because they wanted their patients to have easier access and faster response time to questions or concerns they had throughout pregnancy. This patient-centered approach naturally led into the desire to give pregnant clients more access to high-touch, low-intervention birth, which so many of their patients really want. Although the physicians at WOMEN OB all love to provide this type of care, they decided to make this even more accessible to their patients. That’s when they added midwifery care to their service line.

Nurse Midwife, Kayleigh Holthaus

Sharon Norman passionately tells us, “We cannot hold patients back if what they really want is midwifery care.” She goes on to tell us that they not only are thrilled to have added Kayleigh Holthaus, CNM to their fantastic team of providers, but that as of next week they will be adding a second midwife to the team, Angie Long. Together, the two certified nurse midwives will be able to see all midwifery patients, and attend all of those births. To date, this is the only hospital-based midwifery option in Nashville that we know of that offers such a low patient to provider ratio. You are guaranteed to know and have built a relationship with the midwife who will attend your birth! To ensure this level of care, the two midwives will only take about 10 births a month, each.

The two-midwife team is also able to give prenatal care and attend VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), so this is another fantastic option for VBAC in Nashville. Current patients of the practice can switch to midwifery care during their pregnancy if they are good candidates.

Side note: Have you seen their gorgeous office? Not only is this practice made up of wonderful care providers, the atmosphere for all the prenatals and well-women visits is so relaxing and calming.

(Photo Credit: Pencil and Paper Co)

If you are pregnant or planning to be and you are interested in midwifery care through WOMEN OB, give them a call!

Stay tuned for part two of this informational blog post where we share with you some insider info we received on the new birth center at St. Thomas Midtown opening in October of this year!

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