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What is a Postpartum Doula?

You leave the hospital or birth center with more precious cargo than you arrived with. Your partner drives down the highway with their hands precisely at “ten and two” while averaging about 5 mph under the speed limit. You pull into the driveway, unload the car seat, and walk through your front door. Now what? We want […]

The Birth of Vera Bea

Today we share the third birth story of a three part series. Each of Lillian’s babies have a unique story, but in this story of her third baby, she shares the raw emotions and physical challenges that even a veteran home-birther must face to bring another sweet baby earth-side. The Birth of Vera Bea By Lillian Keil […]

The Birth of Porter Levi

Just as the New Year seems to creep up quickly and unexpectedly, so did this baby as his parents were celebrating New Year’s Eve. Little did they know they were about to be celebrating so much more… Find the stories of Lillian’s second and third babies here. The Birth of Porter Levi By Lillian Keil How to throw […]

Creating Birth Goals

If you are pregnant, you have likely heard of a birth plan. Most birth plans include your choice on monitoring, use of pain management drugs, movement during labor, and other medical procedures. The ideal time to research and discuss these choices is at the beginning of your pregnancy, when you are choosing a care provider […]

The Birth of Luca James

This is a powerful story filled with deep, raw surrender. Brooke endured days of hard labor but gained a new level of strength, faith, and trust in the process. “With each inhale, breath in hope, and each exhale let go of any control. Cause your story has already been written. So there’s nothing you can […]

The Birth of Banner Thomas

This strong mama had an “on and off” slow start to labor, but she couldn’t believe what her doctor told her when she went in for her appointment. Her story is truly one of surrender and trust. “I honestly thought I had surrendered and worked through WAY more than I actually had. Birthing is the […]