Elizabeth Ferrara

Elizabeth has a passion for birth and supporting growing families. She graduated from MTSU with every intention of becoming a high school history teacher, but her plans changed dramatically after the birth of her first daughter, via c-section, in 2006. That birth sparked a deep desire to sow into the lives of others walking the journey of  pregnancy and motherhood. She noticed a lot of negativity that surrounded families during these vulnerable times and wanted to be a positive voice in their midst. She hoped to help encourage those around her. Elizabeth’s second daughter was born in 2011 via repeat Cesarean; that experience grew her spiritually and mentally. She dove deep into the study of the birth process to equip herself with as much knowledge as she could of all available options for her future pregnancies. Her son was born at home (hba2c) in 2014 and it was a life changing experience. In 2016, Elizabeth had another hba2c to a 12 pound baby girl. Her personal experiences have only furthered her love for helping families learn their options and feel confident in their decision making, during this life changing season.

She certified as a birth doula in 2015 and has been excited to continuously serve women during their birthing time. Elizabeth loves being a doula and assisting families as they take charge of their pregnancy and birth. She has also had the privilege of teaching childbirth education.

Elizabeth is one of the few natives to the area having grown up in Franklin, TN. She is  now settled in Spring Hill with her high school sweetheart, David, and their four beautiful children Olivia, Vivian, Elijah, and Evelyn Joy. When not attending births Elizabeth enjoys cooking for her family, homeschooling her children, having any of her 14 nieces or nephews over, reading, a great cup of coffee, and movie dates with her husband.