Lillie Flynn

The labor and delivery of Lillie’s daughter, Ellie, in July 2014 was a transformative time for her as a woman and mother. After her daughter was born, she found herself continuing to research everything pregnancy, labor, birth, and babies. Lillie’s passion for serving women lead her to become certified as a birth doula.  Since then, she has been attending births and loving every minute of it! She truly believes that the strength of women during childbirth is one of the most beautiful moments to witness in life.

Lillie has also had the honor of serving many families as a postpartum doula. She has a knack for soothing babies and tidying up to help new mothers and fathers ease into parenthood. Whether you need tips for breastfeeding or a load of laundry done Lillie is that extra helping hand and friend to talk to.

Lillie is a native Nashvillian. She enjoys hiking, yoga, dancing, reading, cooking, and eating Indian food.