Taylor King

Taylor is a Nashville native that fell in love with the birthing world at age 13 when she witnessed the birth of her brother.  After graduating from nursing school in 2012, she worked in pediatrics and her love for newborn care really began. This led to Mother Baby nursing and later, after the birth of her first son, a career in Lactation. 

The beauty and the struggle of breastfeeding gave Taylor the desire to educate and empower mothers to successfully meet all of their breastfeeding goals. She has been described as knowledgable, an invaluable support, along with a calm and gentle presence. She can use her evidence-based knowledge, experience, and passion to help women learn, love, and appreciate the beauty of breastfeeding. Taylor is passionate about education along with staying up to date on the latest lactation research and information. 

Taylor lives in Franklin with her husband, Ryan, and their two boys Jack Ryan (2) and Henry (8 months). Taylor and Ryan conceived their first child two weeks after their wedding, and Taylor has been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last three years. Needless to say, these days they enjoy sleeping in their spare time!