Vicki Woods

Vicki enjoyed growing up in Southern California. From an early age, she always wanted to have her own children and had a fascination with birth – both the process and the outcome. At age16 she was able to support her sister as she delivered her first child. This started a desire in her heart to support women in childbirth and to have more exposure to childbirth itself.

From that point on she attended several home births in the San Diego area.  After getting married in 1997 and having her first child, she and her husband and son moved to Nashville. From 1998-2007, Vicki gave birth to her five children. She also endured the heartache of having four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Vicki has personally experienced both cesarean and VBAC births with her five children. She and her husband have wonderful memories and learned much from all of their children’s births.

Throughout the next few years, Vicki had the opportunity to support many friends in their labors and deliveries. Vicki realized this is what she was really passionate about, and in 2014 she was professionally trained and begin a career path to become a doula through the organization DONA International.

Since becoming a doula, Vicki has passionately supported many mothers in their births and postpartum. Her many years of hands-on experience coupled with her own unique births have helped her to empathize and relate with her clients and help them to prepare well for their birth(s). Vicki is also certified in infant and child CPR and First Aid through the American Heart Association.

When not serving her doula clients, Vicki enjoys cooking, taking in concerts with her husband Danny and five children, bike riding, watching movies, singing and reading.