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New Birth Center in Nashville

On our last post, we shared about a new midwifery option offered…

New Midwifery Option in Nashville

We are excited to share with our clients and readers a two-part…
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Why Moms are Keeping Their Placenta

“You're encapsulating and eating your what?!” For those of…

Q&A: Postpartum Depression

In a world where talking about “baby blues” and even Postpartum…

Creating a Postpartum Care Plan

So often a mother will plan and plan for the birth of her baby…

What is a Postpartum Doula?

You leave the hospital or birth center with more precious…

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This euphoric moment is everything! We have such powerful clients - @ginnyqueen
Do any moms feel this way about their birth? It’s so hard to not compare stories. Some women fly through labor, others it takes days. Some go without any interventions, others use a little bit of it all. But we don’t talk about birth in terms of success and failure, because every birth is worth celebrating. Bringing a baby into this world is incredible, regardless of the journey it took. Mamas are brave and strong 💪❤️ /// 📷: @birthwithoutfear
This is what we do as doulas. Hiring us means you have someone to call, even at 2am. Having a guide available to you 24/7, navigating the unknowns of pregnancy and childbirth, is priceless. /// 📷:@78centsproject / @noraborealis
Our clients are the best! It’s always a privilege and honor to work with each family ❤️
Did any other new parent feel this way? 😂 Don’t worry - we’ve got postpartum doulas here to help you navigate those early days and weeks! /// 📷: @mommycusses
Have you seen these post-birth pictures trending? We love it!!
🌟 "Never Underestimate the POWER of a Woman. Never underestimate the power of YOURSELF. Sometimes it means digging deep, but I can tell come out the other side feeling on top of the whole entire world. 💙” 📷: @ameskiefer @birthwithoutfear
Fill your mind and day with positivity and watch what grows! 📷: @trxparents
Beautiful words from @ansleytheallen :
“When these stretch marks showed up with this pregnancy, at first I felt sad. I was hoping to avoid them, as if they were something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. I let my own insecurity and the societal pressure to come out of pregnancy "as if it never even happened" speak louder to me. But over the past 3 weeks I have been really challenging that thinking, because as women and mothers we don't have room for insecurity and shame 💪🏼 I want Quinn to see her mom not only choose to accept these permanent changes to her body, but to love them and be proud of them. These stretch marks remind me that I grew and safely carried a human freaking being for 9 months. These marks remind me that I'm strong. These marks represent where the tiniest knees and feet kicked around and made me smile. These marks are where God placed my children on purpose. They represent love. They are beautiful, and I'm embracing them. Screw what society says our bodies should look like! Especially after an event so huge and so life altering as childbirth. Everyone has their own "marks" of some sort, and each of you is even more beautiful for them. 💁🏻 I've had multiple people assume that just because I'm on the smaller side, that my body hasn't changed or isn't affected by my pregnancies. Not true at all. Just remember that Instagram doesn't always show the full reality. :) Our bodies were created for amazing journeys. Be proud of all you are and of all the stories your marks and scars tell. ❤️ 📸: @katya.vilchyk”
Yes! Pure survival and rest mode, as it should be. Did you binge on a show in your early postpartum days? /// 📷: @newmomhere